An excitement killer!

Which means I hate ttc, although our journey just begun, I already ovulated for this month and we totally missed it, I'm not due till the 9th of June for ovulation again, grr! This is the first time I've watched ovulation, we got pregnant with our 1st and 3rd child instantly, we tried once and bam! A month layer we find out we got pregnant! With our 2nd it took is 8months to concive. It sucks cause I had excitement that started and then I realized I'm not ovulating:/

Nikki Hicks
    Nikki Hicks
    I just uploaded the first response tracker app to my phone!(: That way I don't miss my fertile days! Ahh! I'm so excited!! Thanks for the kind words ladies!
    Nikki Hicks
    It's funny u said that. Bc my husband is going on a trip for his work place he's leaving June 3rd and will return June 7th(: so we will have some catching up to do when he returns!(:
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