How much does baby formula cost?

Depending on the brand the cost can vary greatly. A 33 ounce container of Parent's Choice Sensitive formula (Walmart brand) is around $22, but a 22 ounce container of Similac Sensitive is around $31 and Enfamil will land somewhere in the middle of the two. Most major chain stores have their own brands but still carry the major popular ones as well. The specific formulas like sensitive, added iron, spit-up, etc will usually cost a bit more.

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      Too damn much! I don't use formula, but in my local grocery store, it's physically locked behind a cage, and I think that if they're afraid that people may need to steal to nourish their babies, than it is too much to begin with. That touches a nerve for me, sorry! End rant.
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        I never used it but have heard it's expensive.
          It's not easy. That is a weekly cost for us and as Charlie gets older, those containers last fewer and fewer days. The decision to be on formula came after a very difficult battle with breastfeeding. Over a 2 week period I put the formula down and stopped supplementing at the advice of our lactation consultant. Charlie was supposed to gain somewhere around 8-10 oz per week at the time and only gained 4 during the entire 2 weeks. I had to stop the nonsense and make a decision. It's unfortunate that it's so expensive, more unfortunate that there is no help for us. Just living less on one thing to compensate.
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