how young is to young to let your kids watch tv?

my aunt read a study that stated that its better for a child not to watch tv for the first year or so of life. my dad and step mom are so impressed that he knows how to use a tablet. my daughters have watched tv all there lives and i think they are just as smart as as my aunts son. i feel that if you dont let your kids experience simple things in life like watching tv then when they are old enough and you do allow them to watch tv or experience other things in life they will take it to far and i feel that it could back fire on the child and the parents. do you think tv is bad for young children?

    i do agree with the everything in moderation. my kids only watch educational cartoons and none of us have tvs in our bedrooms. i dont think its good to use a tv as a babysitter but watching tv having certain cartoons that they watch during the day isnt bad in my house me and my 4 year old take turns when we watch tv like ill let her watch her cartoon then ill say ok its my turn and i put my shows on for a little while which is boring to her so she usually will get up and go play
      I don't believe that TV is bad for kids. I feel that so many show are educational that kids are learning from them. No I don't think its okay to let a kid watch TV for a straight 8 hours a day. As long as they are getting a mix of normal play social interaction and tv i think its fine. My 6 month old watches tv and he is so smart. Even my doc said it was okay for him.
        I am very big on moderation. I didn't really understand why this was important until recently. My son's counselor explained that when children play video games for example, they receive "satisfaction" from the quick playing instead of allowing their synapses to build longer so they don't need that instant gratification that video games give them. It made a ton of sense to me and I can see how it can be harmful. So, moderation is key.
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