Your child's digital presence

Does your child already have one? This photographer has a 21-month old son that has a twitter account, facebook, tumblr, instagram, yahoo, gmail accts, you name it.

While I think there's some humor in posting on facebook pretending to be my Guinea Pig, begging for help because the dandelions have been growing for weeks and I haven't had any yet, and I blame my humans., and while Charlie has a dominating presence on facebook, and so does Lexi, I'm not ready to build Charlie his own account just yet.

I love the idea of a digital book for him. We realize when we look at our own photo books that our parent's (some, not all) only took the really important pictures. So there is no chance that I will ever see a picture of what my mom ate in the hospital on the day I was born, or a picture of the sunset that night (both of which are in Charlie's scrapbook) I also don't completely put my trust in it. We can't be convinced that the internet won't explode in 10 years and leave us with nothing. So I always have a hard copy backup of these moments.

There is also the issue of privacy and security, which the woman in the video explains is why her childs "screen name" is a mashup of her and her husbands name, offering a bit of security.

Does your child have a digital presence?

    My daughter does, a little bit. She has a Facebook and Twitter and her friends like to catch up with her on Skype. We have gone over internet safety quite a bit.

    I may be paranoid a bit but I have seen some really disgusting behavior online in regards to children so I do try to keep them as anonymous as possible. Unfortunately there are some people out there who are... what's the word? Horrid is the best way I can put it.
      8Theresa Gould
      Just our oldest and I our two other teens have a Pinterest account and email account but that's it. I've learned a few things from having our oldest online that I'm not allowing the others to do. Not all bad, just too much too soon when I thought our oldest was ready and really wasn't.
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