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I haven't been on for quite some time, ive been again dealing with my health as well as the health of my son antonio as well as with this whole bullying situation once again. I have had enough of it and I have snapped on everyone from the school to the bus driver to the bus company. I have even tried to make a police report but they cant do anything because the kids are to small. today he was hit in the head with a rock on the bus but once again nothing was done. iam so fed up with the Milwaukee county school system. I don't know what else to do.

4Milagro RiveraMilwaukee, Wisconsin
    4Milagro Rivera
    I have meeting in the morning with the school and then from there iam going straight to the school bored, although I have already complained it looks like I have to go to the school bored personally.
      I recently read an article about a dad who got a restraining order against a five-year-old little boy for threatening his daughter:

      And a lot of the comments are negative, but I can see how if the system doesn't protect your child, like in your case, you find a way to find something that can.

      Moms, do any of you have any experience with bullying in this new age? I feel like if you aren't getting any traction with your police or school system, it may be time to call the local news and embarrass some people. Bullying is a hot-button issue lately, and for good reason. Our children should not have to live in fear of each other.
      4Milagro Rivera
      I agree. and I saw that also, but what are we supposed to do if this continues/ I do commend that father because it is crazy that nothing is being done and we do have to protect our children one way or another. I have written the local news caster Katrina cravy, she does investigations about everything, I am hoping she can help me out a bit because this is really getting out of hane, are they waiting for my child to end up in the er or ICU before they actually do something? iam hoping something comes out of this soon because iam fed up with this situation and I will not allow my son or his siblings to go through this no matter what I have to do,
        8Theresa Gould
        I am so sorry you've had to deal with health issues for both you and Antonio and the bullying, one of those things alone is enough for anyone to deal with but all three, sigh.

        I cannot believe no one is taking your concern seriously. I sure hope the newscaster can help you or the school board.
          I feel your pain...my son was bullied by a teacher and no one wants to listen?
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