Are your kids out of school yet?

I have a few friends with kids out, but ours don't get out here until close to the middle of June. Are you mommas looking forward to spring break? I can't wait, we have some really fun trips planned and we will have plenty of beach days too.

What I do not look forward to is the "I'm bored" mindset that creeps in during the later summer months. I don't remember having those feelings, but then again I loved in a townhouse community growing up with a pool and tons of kids to play with. We were out from the time we woke up until we had to go in, usually sunburnt (not that it's a good thing to be sunburnt) and exhausted. My kids don't really have that, so they do get bored.

    8Theresa Gould
    No. I'm not sure if we'll take the summer off or not. I don't want them to forget their math, especially, so I know they will be doing math all summer. Our six year old is nearly done his reading lessons but I will have him continue reading. All depends on how busy we find ourselves with our large veggie garden, I guess.
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