Do you know your neighbors?

Just curious, do you know your neighbors or are you more likely to stay to yourself?

I will wave and say hello but for the most part I stick to myself. I have gotten to know the next door neighbor because my son plays with the boy that lives there.

What do you think? Be friends with everyone or better fences make better neighbors?

    My neighborhood is pretty friendly. We're the youngest homeowners, though--our neighbors have kids older than me, lol. But they like to get together once or twice a year and have a big dinner or event. It's nice. :)
      8Theresa Gould
      We don't really know our four closest neighbor's well, but we've been trying. We gave each one two dozen eggs because we had an over abundant supply, plus it was a way to be neighborly. One man has given us his home grown tomatoes since we moved in nearly three years ago, the other loaned us his loader for a few hours, the other wants to trade eggs for veggies (we didn't tell her we were growing our own, we can always use more veggies!) so little by little......

      It has been my husband who has talked more to our neighbors than I have.
        I am such a people person, I LOVE meeting people :) We are decent friends with our neighbors.. so much so that one couple would call to check on me close to my due date and remind me if anything happened and my hubby wasn't home that they could come take me to the hospital :) They are the same ones that came to visit a few week's after M was born! Another came to visit too, brought sweet gifts, we always chat with outside! And another slipped a present in our mailbox and I often see her out and stop to chat :) I love being friendly! In fact, I was on a walk around the back end of our neighborhood last night and a gal I often see out, but don't really know, spotted me, said hello and said.. omg, when did you have a baby! hehe
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