What to do if baby is fussing at the breast

Babies can fuss at the breast for a number of reasons. I copied this list from KellyMom as an example:

Does baby need to burp?
Growth spurt
Distractible baby
Forceful let-down
Slow let-down
Baby wants a faster milk flow
Baby is done nursing for the moment
Baby prefers one side
Fussy in the evening
Stuffy nose
Food sensitivity
Low milk supply

For us, aside from growth or developmental spurts, reflux was an issue. After we solved it, we had easier nursing. It got a lot better after three months, too, after the evening-fussies went away.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Great list! I remember mine doing just that and usually they wanted a faster let down, which didn't happen when I was nursing in public. I was always tense, which is the reason I usually found a private area or nursed in the car so I could relax and they could eat.
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      Debi--that is a good point, and I omitted latch from the list above. Thanks!
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