What are the best glider rockers for baby

I have two Dutalier glider-rockers. One we bought new before Maddie was born, and it's in our living room. The second we bought used after she was born to keep in our bedroom.

When buying a rocker, the sales person asked me one thing, and I think it's the only qualification you need--would you be comfortable enough to fall asleep in this rocker? If the answer's no, then move on. You need something that is comfortable for you while holding baby.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I loved my rocker-recliner over my glider. We have another rocker-recliner, but I loved our old one better!
      I think I honestly spent most nights the first four months in my glider. Unfortunately, I didn't use the one in my living room as much, so I felt badly that we bought two and didn't use one of them. The one in my bedroom, though, I'll still use it occasionally, but it's more of a game. I sing, "Rocky rocky rocky," to a tune and hold her, sometimes sitting up and enjoying the sway, other times calm and nursing. I think it's comforting to both of us because we've been doing it for so long.
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