My back is killing me!

I finally made that chiropractor appointment I don't have time for, because my back is out of control. I think I am causing it by sleeping on one side on our once nice but now unsupportive mattress. I also tend to hold Maddie on the same hip, and she is getting heavy! I'm popping three ibuprofen at a time just to take off the edge. I hate taking pills like that.

    8Theresa Gould
    Oh my, that doesn't sound good. I think the chiropractor will help. It has helped my husband and daughter tremendously. Is there any way you can get a new mattress soon? It will make the world of difference. I remember when our first mattress started to go, our backs were killing us.
      Thanks all for the kind comments! I have this pretty big knot near where my back usually hurts, and I made my husband rub it last night. Although that spot is sore to the touch now, I'm feeling much better. My chiropractor should help straighten me out tomorrow. :) I haven't needed any ibuprofen yet today, thank goodness!
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