24 Seriously Funny and Popular Parenting Memes

This is not a serious post at all. It's about reminding ourselves that laughter is good medicine and not to take life so seriously, which you must admit can be easy to do as a mother. We have to learn to laugh at ourselves and our children's antics, life is too short. So if you find yourself uptight and losing yourself in the seriousness of life, look at these memes and have a good old fashioned chuckle at this thing we call, Motherhood!

Oh and don't forget to share how you relate to any of them! :)


8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Melissa Middleton
    My son licked my laundry basket today. Lol He is very curious how things taste (if he isn't licking it, he's gumming it).

    PJs to yoga pants: guilty.

    Sadly, my friends do live in my computer *hangs head in shame and weeps bitterly*

    Shower schizophrenia: very much so.

    I've never understood the phrase, "sleep like a baby." Whomever coined it, never had children. Lol

    About 90% of those...yup. Lol
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