Hi Everyone...Newbie mom here!

Hello moms....I'm a so excited to have found this site. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful little gems and a step mom to two lovely girls. I live in West Palm Beach, and I run a party rentals business from home. I look forward to planning some parties for my moms living here in and around palm beach county, Florida.

    8Theresa Gould
    Hi Nordia! Welcome to Moms.com! Glad to have you join us! I work from home as well. I have four girls and four boys, plus a whole pascal of farm animals to keep them (the children) busy! ;)
      Melissa Middleton
      Welcome to Moms.com, Nordia! :) I have a baby boy and a step-daughter. I love them so. I also have two other children with four legs, and a hubby--who can be another child, at times. Lol
      I know you will like it here as we all do. This is the best site, ever, in my opinion. :)
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