summer snacks!

Baking and Cooking are my passions and because the weather is getting nicer and nicer everyday I've decided I'm going to open a table at my local farmers market selling baked goods. I know pretty much what I wanna make and sell but its always nice to get new ideas. I'm trying to go organic for all my baked goods.

What are your favorite summer time snacks?

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    my favorite is my strawberry shortcake cupcakes and my apple pie all made from scratch. im planning on making both along with chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats, sweet peach cupcakes, cinnamon raisin bread, banana bread, lemonade, peach tea, and maybe some pulled pork tacos, hot dogs, and hamburgers. i make my own burgers from scratch which not only have my own signature taste but i can get way more burgers for my money then if i was to buy a pack of burgers.
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