How far do you let the Doll thing go??

My daughter is 6 and she's had some baby dolls she likes to play with, but when we moved a few months back, our neighbor girl she plays with was obsessed with her American Girl Doll..SO, my daughter having a hand me down from her cousin, started to show interest in the one we had in a bin...

I think it's great she plays with it.. NO problem.. EXCEPT when she wants it at the dinner table or shopping cart...

Her friends moms LOVES dolls... and allows her daughter to take it everywhere.. the doll has it's own high chair for the table and CAR SEAT...

I think it's creepy... I never tell my daughter, but I DO place limits.. not toys at the table... I need the cart, etc.. NO YOU may NOT have the washing machine for the doll at Target....

Any other moms with the creepy doll thing going on???​

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    Both of my daughters love their baby dolls and they have a million. I think that you don't want to take it to an extreme where your child thinks that its a real living thing but I let my girls do what they want with them but its their responsibility. Sometimes when we're playing I'll even say something along the lines of " you have to be quite the baby's sleeping" they'll say oh mom she's not real lol. They can take them with us when we go places but they have to keep track of them themselves. And as far as taking them in the store I tell them you don't want the store to think we stole them. Hopefully I'll never have to deal with the creepy part since I've tried to teach them early that they are just toys. But I do think that baby dolls are a great start to a great mom.
      8Theresa Gould
      I never thought my girls playing with dolls or an attachment to dolls was creepy. They were allowed to take them in the car, but usually we had them leave it in the car except at Grandma's house. Too easy for them to get lost and didn't want the drama that could come with all that.

      They had a doll stroller and high chair and beds, but that's about it.

      I played with dolls until I was in my early teens and one of my teens is still interested in her dolls. I don't discourage it since she does have a 7 year old sister to play with etc.
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