Baby Poop

I seem to be having one of those nights with Grace where she poops just a little bit in diapers..waits until I change it..then poops some more....

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    and then comes the giggle.
      She just did it again. Now she's looking at daddy with a big grin.
        It was one of those nights I was glad I cloth diaper..didn't feel like I was wasting expensive diapers. :) My Andrew had a blowout when we took him home from the hospital.. Going down the elevator he pooped EVERYWHERE. And I only had one we got a hospital shirt and hospital changing pads and a hospital blanket so he would stay warm.
        And I just have to add...whoever told me infant poop doesn't stink, needs to change a Gracie diaper. Oy, she's close to being worse than the older two.
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