your weight gain over 40 weeks

If you are average height and weight, you can be expected to gain about 22-33 lb during the 40 weeks of a normal pregnancy. There will be times when you put on weight faster than others.

What makes up the weight?

1. The weight of your baby
2. The placenta
3. Amniotic fluid
4. your own increased weight to support the pregnancy. This includes the increasing weight of your uterus, breasts, increase in your blood volume, increased stores of fat ( there you go), together with a variable amount of water retention.

Gaining 6 lb of body fat is to be expected-90% of this will occur during the first 30 weeks and most of it will be shed during breastfeeding. However, if you lay down excess fat during pregnancy, breastfeeding will not reduce it-it will continue to sit there.

Baby-7-9 lb
Placenta-1.5 lb
Amniotic fluid- 2 lb
Maternal fat-5.5 lb
Increased blood + fluid-3 lb
Water retention-5.5 lb
Breasts- 1 lb
Uterus- 2 lb

Total: 28-30 lb

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