strep B positive

Between 5 and 30 percent of women carry this normal gut bacterium in their upper vagina and rectum. Most have no symptoms although it can produce a discharge or urinary tract infection. If the infection is present during labor the baby may be affected. Only 1 percent of at-risk babies develop strep B infection by swallowing or inhaling vaginal secretions, but this neonatal infection can be fatal.

Classically, signs of septicemia and meningitis develop some two days after birth. Premature babies are at greater risk of infection particularly if the mother's membranes are ruptured.

Prenatal screening for strep B is usually done at the first prenatal visit and between 35-37 weeks of pregnancy. However, if you have had a previously affected baby or threaten to go into premature labor you will be offering testing since the use of IV antibiotics during labor and four hours before the delivery is the best way to protect the baby from neonatal infection.

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    It was weird with me because I was negative with my first child but with my second I was positive the doctors were kind of stumped why. But they put me on antibiotics during labor anyway.
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