Underage Drinking.. In Home

I just saw a news bit about a bunch of HS kiddos getting busted IN a home in a lovely area where I live.. and the news guy reminding parents that even drinking IN someone's home, underage and providing alcohol, even if they stay is ILLEGAL.. really? Why do we have to remind parents of this? Why can't parents be parents and stop trying to be FRIENDS all the time and be "cool" to their kiddos.. Maybe it's because I grew up as Judge's daughter that I have zero tolerance for this.. but it urks me!

Sorry.. end rant :)

    My Dad was an alcoholic growing up and even though he drank heavily and there was always alcohol in the house, he would have killed us if ever touched it! It bothers me so much that parents let and encourage their kids to drink. There are just so many things wrong with this I wouldn't even know where to begin saying it all. Its so good to see other Moms who think the same way :-)
      Amanda Hurley
      I have a friend like this. It irritates me to no end.
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