Christmas Gifts

So my kids are only 3&4 and my husband and I very very rarely get out of the house without them. We decided we were going to put Christmas gifts in layaway this year but had no one to watch the kids. So we took them to the store with us let them each pick out a bunch of stuff they wanted and put it in their own carts and told them that mommy had to go to the back of the store to call santa to give him some of their ideas. And actually put most the stuff in layaway while the girls and ​daddy walked around the hunting isle. My question is Do you think this was a bad idea?

    8Theresa Gould
    Sounds like a good idea.
      Amanda Hurley
      I think it was a great idea. Very creative.
        You told them you were giving santa ideas so they don't really know if thats what santa is bringing them or not. Thanks for the idea though I might use that.
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