for the two days my fiancé mom came over...

On Saturday when I was shopping for myself, Ivy, and Joe clothes. his mother was arrested for fraud with the SSI building, because she cash checks that her other son was in jail... During Tuesday I went to the eye doctor she came over to the house we when had a lot to do. I live across the way where my father place is at, so she went to my father place to wait for us to come back from my eye doctor appoint.. She switch the conversation with online schooling for her daughter... She wanted to take us out to eat, but i was in a lot of pain because my teeth got taking out... Now today she came over, because the lawyer as her can she get a letter from your daughter in law expelling what really happen.... I wrote the letter, but for only what she wanted to hear and write..... I know she not also coming to see her granddaughter, but she what something for me... My father went to University of Illinois and study law... I am not stupid I know what she doing and Joe know too....

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      Melissa Middleton
      Oh my goodness, Tatiana. I am so sorry your future MIL is lik e this. I know Ivy is her granddaughter but maybe it's best she stays away from her, for a while at least?
      My hubby had to separate himself from some of his family who were like this for the better because it was constantly stressing him out.

      I would have ran and hid if I were you. Lol
      My heart goes out to you.
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