Moms, is Christmas still fun for you or is it just stress?

​I love Christmas. Its my favorite time of the year. There's nothing better than seeing your kids so excited and happy. And actually believing in Christmas and Santa Claus.

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    I LOVE Christmas! It's just nice to see my daughter get excited. It's not just that but the feeling of Christmas. Family, food, lights. We love to go see Christmas lights and visit family/friends. I hope to see more people being kind this season. Sometime people forget how to enjoy it..that it's not just about gifts or rushing around.. they let the gifts and everything turn them into a Grinch! You need to relax and enjoy it once and awhile :)
      8Theresa Gould
      It's still fun. Less stressful now that we do not host or go anywhere. We can just be. We like low key. Much easier.
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