How to make a baby wrap

I know a few of you ladies were interested in making baby wraps like the one I made. It is incredibly simple! For mine I went to JoAnns fabric store and bought 6 yards of Muslin fabric. (WalMart also carries it) It is very cheap. I got the one that was 44 inches wide for 2.99 a yard(plus I had a 40% OFF COUPON so I only paid $10 for the fabric ) This will make 2 wraps! I also bought whatever dyes I wanted to use, which were 3.99 a piece. (this will dye about 3 wraps) I bought bias tape to match the dye (the bias tape is in the thread/zipper section. I use it to tell the difference in the rails of the wrap) So when you get home wash the fabric!!! I cant stress this enough. With almost any sewing project wash the fabric first. That way it is pre shrunk and you dont get warping. Then dry it in the dryer. Then wash it in the washer again. Now while it is still damp you'll want to cut it in half lengthwise. This will give you two wraps! Then you can twist it up however you would like for dying. I made mine into 4 circles. Rubber band each circle. Lay out a trash bag as well as a towel underneath your work area. Set the fabric on top. Follow the directions for preparing your dye. Be sure to add salt to the dye. This will help the color take. And go crazy with the tye dying! Do whatever tickles your fancy! Be sure to flip the fabric and do the underside as well. Once you're done put the fabric in a zip lock bag for 24 hours. This will help the color set. Then the next day rinse it in the tub or the sink til the water runs clear. Then throw it in the wash a few times and dry it. Then I ironed it and finished the edges by sewing on the bias tape. You can also do just a regular stitched edge if you like. You will want to mark the middle of both sides since they are so long. A simple way to do this is make a little loop with a piece of ribbon and sew it to the center. It will make wrapping much easier. And TADA!!! You made yourself a wrap!

How to make a baby wrapHow to make a baby wrapHow to make a baby wrapHow to make a baby wrapHow to make a baby wrap
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    And I do sell these! So if anyone wants to buy one instead of making their own just message me :-) I'm in the process of getting my etsy shop set up
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