Child Development: Speaking In Full Sentences

Clara is 3 and she's been a talker since she was a year old. Talking came very easily to her so speaking in sentences, even if some of the words are hard to understand, was still pretty easy for her. I'm not going to be a Hitler mommy about grammar at this age. She does fairly well with her words and you can sit and have a decent conversation with her. My niece, though, was a lot slower. It took her a very long time to get the hang of sentences and talking in general. She was actually about 8 before you could really understand her fully. Her parents did not take her to speech therapy, she just eventually learned that she had to start speaking correctly and a lot of her problem was not paying attention in school. She failed kindergarten! So after that, her parents were much stricter on her paying attention in school and she's done well ever since. I think it just depends on the child and their individual capabilities. I wouldn't push a child to start talking if they aren't ready. I know it's much easier to help your child when they can talk to you, instead of constantly guessing what it is they want/need. But forcing them to start speaking when they aren't ready isn't good either. Some children just open their mouths and start talking, and others are a little more intimidated by it.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Our first was talking in sentences before age two and the rest all were later than she was and the latest was our last son. He really didn't start talking in full sentences until late last year, beginning of this year. He has no problems now! They are all so different.
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