Educational Preschool Toys: Wooden Blocks!

Call me crazy, but my daughter LOVED blocks! Just the simple, wooden, primary-colored blocks. When it flooded and we got 15 inches of water in the house, I had to throw them all away because I didn't want them to get moldy and her play with them. And honestly, that was the worst feeling ever! She loved those things. She learned her colors and words from those things. There's different ones, depending on what you want your child to focus on. Some have colors, others don't. Some have numbers, others have letters, others have pictures of animals to associate with first words. They are a great learning tool and also fun to play with. Clara loved building block towers and she would point out all the pictures and the colors. I think next I will get the number and letter blocks so she can start learning those. I will always swear by wooden blocks, I don't care how far back they go lol. And when she has children, that will be the first thing I buy for them!

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