Mommy-Daughter Bike Time

I've decided to kick in hard-core of losing this leftover baby/stress weight, and we managed to bring my bike to our new place, so I've ordered a new bike tire pump and a trailer to attach so Nina can ride along with me!

I looked up reviews, various trailers and seats, the pros and cons of Bike Child Seats Vs Trailers, and I've settled on a single-child trailer that's red and I can attach a flag or something to, so it's fairly visible, though I don't usually ride on streets anyway. Back when we were still living in Missouri, when I was pregnant but didn't know it, we went bike riding every day with one of our best friends and there was this young guy out every other day with his two kids in a bike trailer and they always seemed to be having fun, and he didn't seem to have any problems on the wooded bike paths or rougher areas. I haven't seen any out of the way bike paths here like there were back home, but there are lots of bike-specific areas and paths I've noticed while being out and about, so I'm hoping that with this new little trailer, I can get my exercise in without having to try to find a babysitter, and Nina can have some extra outside fun time.…

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