If I Caught My Daughter With a Thong...

Honestly, it would never happen that way. I grew up with a stigma attached to thongs. My family was very strict about it. No thongs until you're an adult. But as an adult now, I don't want my daughter to grow up with the same stigma. It's underwear. Plain and simple. It's just a different style of underwear. It has a purpose. If you're wearing clothing that tends to show your underwear line and you don't want that, wear a thong! It doesn't make you a whore, or any less of a person for wearing a thong. When my daughter gets to the age where she starts wearing clothing that tends to show an underwear line, and she doesn't want that, then I will buy her thongs. And I'm not gonna throw a fit about it. I wear thongs. Very openly. She's seen the different kinds of underwear I have and I'm not going to raise her to believe that thongs are bad. Because they aren't. So if she ever comes to me and asks if she can have a thong for the right reasons, then I will say yes. I'm not going to buy her a thong to fit in with her friends, or if she thinks it will impress someone. If she feels it would be more comfortable for her or if she simply doesn't want to wear regular underwear anymore, then she can have thongs. But then again, she may not care. It's entirely up to her.

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