Spanking Bare Bottomed

No. I've never seen the need to "prep" my child for a spanking lol. Small children are a lot like dogs in the sense that they don't retain something for very long. Especially before 3-4 years of age. It's like getting mad at a puppy for peeing in the house while you were gone. That puppy might have peed hours ago. When you get home and see the mess, you scold them or punish them. But honestly, that's fruitless. They have NO IDEA what you are punishing them for. They don't understand. Same with kids. It's better to correct a behavior immediately after doing it rather than waiting. When Clara was about a year old, she would smack people on their face or throw things out of frustration. I would not pick her up, pull her pants down, lay her over my lap and spank her. After all that, she has done forgot what it is I'm spanking her for. Instead, we would bat her hand lightly and say no immediately after the behavior. After a week or two, she stopped. Same with "spanking". I put quotes because I don't really spank her. I whop her on the butt immediately after she does something bad. Granted, I don't just go straight to spanking. If a behavior can be resolved through talking and reasoning, I always choose that route first. If it's a behavior that seems to continue even after a few times of reasoning, then she gets the whop lol. But honestly, all I have to do now is say, "Do you want to get spanked?" she'll quickly say no and then stop what she's doing. I think she's a much happier child when we can resolve things without physical behavioral modification. She's a happy, healthy toddler. I was spanked bare bottom only a couple times as a child. I would never do it. I don't think it does any better than just giving them a bat of your hand or the whop.

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