What diapers do you use and why

So i was always told huggies are bad for boys. I thought it was true.
When haiden was a baby i tried huggies ans sure enough he peed through them. I tried parents choice and same thing pees through it. I tried luvs and it was a success so we used luvs with him.

Logan i tried huggies and same thing he leaked out with pee and poop. Parents choice same thing. Luvs was a perfect choice for him

With vince in the beginning i only used parents choice. But he would leak out all the time. So i tried huggies and had no problem. So he has been in huggies as he leaks out all of the others that my older boys used.

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    I have just started using cloth during the day and at night I prefer Huggies night time diapers but right now we are using regular parents choice. When I can get to target, their brand of diapers is my favorite even out of all the name brand ones.
      We have found the Target diapers work as well as Pampers or Huggies for our daughter. It's only when she is moving to the next size, we might need to buy Pampers for a week or two, until she fits better into the bigger size of the Target ones.
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