husband problems (Vent)

lord help me, this how ttc thing, has me doing alot of extra explaining to the man, he thinks i can get knocked up anyday, anytime! so of course he thinks naturally if we go at it every day muli times we will get pregnant, lol so i explain to him ovulation and boy did the questions come a flying out! for all i know hes playing stupid to get "IT" more! which is most likley the case, cause after i explainede how ovulation works,he still contiuned swearing by all means that "theres always an egg!" men i swear!

Nikki Hicks
    8Theresa Gould
    Men usually take no notice. I have to tell mine when I'm fertile and when I'm not because he doesn't look at my calendar or even think to ask. Seems like they leave that all up to us, doesn't it? ;)
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