So remember me telling you all about that vacation? Well me and my friend talked about it yesterday and Holy cow of Holy cows....she expected me to pay for food for 5 people as well as gas in her car there and back. (that's 140 both ways). I didn't know i had that much money for one...and for another....Why would you agree to something when you knew you were bad with money and couldn't pay for anything?

Honestly i know that she had some issues but we've been talking and planning this for months...talking since December and planning since March. I asked her where all her money went and she said " i dont have grocery money this week, how am i supposed to do that"

I know she had some extenuating circumstances and some family issues but honestly your in your 30's...if i can manage a strict budget with no familial support, no child support, and no government assistance.. Then she who gets government assistance, child support, familial monetary support and help from friends ( i paid half her electric bill 2 months ago...that right there should have clued me in to the problem) should be able to manage saving up for your half of vacation expenses.

But sadly....this is not true apparently. I'm so mad i could scream. Not only that...she's mad at me for asking on facebook if anyone wanted to go with me since she told me she couldnt do it. She told me was disrespectful to her.....who knew.....*shrugs*

Vote for me i cancel or keep trying to find someone to go with me...or try to go myself and see if we cant get a cheaper room?

    4Pam Otto
    I am sorry to hear about this situation. At this point you should be doing the fun planning of your vacation. To be honest I would just tell your find that you apologize for hurting her feelings but you will still be going on the trip and would like someone to go you. I would say definitely find someone else to go with (always more fun to have friends with you) and if you can not then also look for just your family to go. Your vacation should not have to be ruined because she did not plan for this. She should have been honest up front and said she could not afford this.
      I think the same thing. Why not just say "Hey that's out of my price range...I've got to much going on...i just cant afford it" She's been to the Lodge twice...and i found out last week that she didn't pay for either trip. went with friends who paid once and went with her sister who paid another time. That she didn't tell me when i asked about going. I want to still go but I have some serious anxiety about driving in cities....which is another reason why i like traveling with friends.
        Eek.. I'm a firm believer in the fact that people will get away with what we allow them to. If you're going along with this, you WILL end up paying for everything. Yikes. I'm sorry that you're going through this after so much planning. You said it yourself that she's done this to other friends too. Sorry, I never mind paying when I can but it's extremely rude of anyone to go along with planning a trip expecting someone else to cover for you.
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