My daughter has been speaking sentences before she as a year old. They were short, but she is a talker. Now that she is older I can't help but love our conversations.

The other day while we were painting here is one of them:

"What is their names?"
"Wendy, John, Michael, and Peterpan!"
"Oh, I like Wendy!"
"Are you Wendy?"
"No, I'm three and much older because I'm busy."

Do any of you keep a journal, blog of these sort of conversations or post them on Facebook?

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Danielle Keltner
I'm getting a kick out of the App "Time Hop" I love looking back. :) One year ago today I posted that I would be starting classes through online college and my son Jake was rolling on the floor instead of crawling. :) Don't worry about anyone complaining.
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