Have times changed that much?

Do you think that times really are that different now? Or do you think we just see more and it feels like it's worse?

For example.. When we were kids we drank out of the faucet while we rode down the street on our bikes, without adult supervision, and without cell phones and really had no idea (and definitely didn't hear in real time about) a school shooting 4 states away. But they still happened.

Bad people existed then, too. So I'm curious. Do you moms think that, with the internet and development of cell phone cameras, GPS, etc.. things just seem more scary?

    I think that the system for dealing with the bad people has failed so badly that people aren't afraid to do bad things because there's not much repercussion. Think about it.. (this is just generalization...) rapists or child molesters might get 5 years and serve two... Murderers more often than not get life and we get to pay for them to have room and board basically. I think it was easier to trust back then because there was a set punishment for hurting a child, taking a child, shooting a child... Or another adult. Bad people get off way too easy now. I don't think it's worse for the kids per say (except maybe the drinking out of the hose-but that's a whole other train of thought) but easier for the offenders so we as moms have to be extra cautious and baby the kids.
      I feel like there is definitely more fear then anything. The media makes bad things sound like it's happening all the time, when really it's not that common. It's like when you hear about 95 people catching the flu and getting really sick. That's like .00001% of the population, but it sounds like a lot so we all freak out.

      That said, this fear also breeds crazy people so I do think there are more bad people now then when we were kids, but not that many more.
        Times have changed since we now have the internet, cell phones, cameras, tablets, GPS, etc... When we were children none of that existed so we weren't, in a sense , "put out there" for the world to see. Nobody knew how to find me as a kid unless they had my HOME phone number and I happened to not be over at my friend's house. My information wasn't on a Facebook page with my birthday, city, state, and zip code. Yes, terrible people still were around when we were children... but we weren't as easy to access. It takes two seconds to pretend to be someone you aren't behind a computer screen.

        Now pretty much everyone has a television in their homes as well, so all of that bad stuff is easy to just throw out and let everyone know about. When was the last time the news had something GOOD on it? So yes, I think we see more than we had back then.

        We are our own worst enemies.
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