Potty Training

Is potty training more difficult with boys than girls? My two year old just doesn't seem to be interested. He sits on the potty for ages and won't do his business. Is he not ready yet or should I keep with it and eventually we'll have success? This is more difficult than I thought it would be.

    Get him interested by making a game out of it.
    Drip some blue food coloring into the potty. He will be amazed amazed at how he can turn the water green. Put several of his favorite books in the magazine rack next to the toilet so he can look at them whenever he has to go – or better yet, read to him (though for some children this may be a distraction). Maybe he'd like to cut out paper shapes and use them for target practice.
    If he starts to lose interest but is adapting to the potty training, you may want to consider offering rewards.
    You can use stickers and a calendar to keep track of his successes. Every time he goes to the potty, he gets a sticker that he can paste onto the page. Watching the stickers accumulate will keep him inspired.
    If the stickers themselves aren't enough of a thrill, you can offer an additional reward such as a treat or a wished-for toy when he earns enough stickers or stays dry for a certain number of days in a row.
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