I don't like this ..

Seems like recently my anxiety/panic attacks have returned, I haven't experienced this happening this much in 4 years! The werid part is there's no reason for it. I can be watching tv all comfy and suddenly I get all anxious and the attacks hit:/

Nikki Hicks
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    Nikki Hicks
    No, 4 years ago I was on the pill Paxil due to it and I stopped it cold turkey Bc it was doing more harm then good, I haven't had any problems since then, but after I posted this I realized while at my mothers I drank a can of coka cola and I don't drink caffeine! So I think that may be my issue. Lol
    8Theresa Gould
    Glad you think you've figure it out. Hope it was just the cola and they aren't back. Did caffeine usually trigger them before?
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