When grandma can't afford to babysit.


The article above talks about when grandma has to work and cannot afford to babysit. I never in a million years thought that in this point in life, my mother would get a job. But she has. I am proud of her. I am! She moved here last month and went out to lunch one day with the bf's parents. She offered to volunteer one day per week in the kitchen. 2 weeks later they offered her a job. Go mom!

Luckily we have another go-to-gramma in case I have something to take care of during the morning hours. But it threw me back a little bit to not just have her as an option.

Do you use grandparents as free babysitting? Do you pay them anything?

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      8Theresa Gould
      My mom lives 1600 miles away so she's out as a babysitter unless she's here to visit. My mil is going on 82 and we no longer call upon her to babysit. When we did we never paid her, her payment was love, like Brande's mom. We now have three teens in the house and use them when we need to but not very often as we don't have the need to go out much.
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