Easy, cheap diaper rash treatment and prevention

I'm going to share a method of preventing diaper rash with a few cheap and easy steps that a friend shared with me. She told me that ever since she used this method on her kids that neither had a diaper rash when each used to get them. So. I'm going to pass it down the mommy chain to you ladies.

No more store bought baby wipes. They're expensive, kind of flimsy, and don't do much good for diaper rash.

Here's the diaper rash soothing recipe to make your own.

1. Baby oil
2. Paper towels

That's it.

She said she once used a bit of soap (baby soap) in the mixture too, but found it to be more effective and cheaper without.

When you buy the paper towels, you can get the kind that are already perforated into smaller pieces- like 2-3 per 'normal' size sheet. You can cut them yourself, but this will save you a fair bit of time. (And you can make your toddler rip down the perforated strips... cost effective, double-duty entertainment!)

Put the sheets in an old, newly upcycled baby wipe container. Coat them in baby oil. Done.

She, and the children's baby sitter, swear they clean better than normal wipes, despite the fact it's just oil. And no more diaper rash!

So what do you ladies think?

Would you try it? Have you tried it?

What treatments can you share for diaper rash?

Moms Expertise
    Danielle Keltner
    I use destine, there was only once when Jake had a super bad diaper rash. We made a paste out of baking soda and added baking soda to his bath water.
      8Theresa Gould
      I've never tried it and it sounds interesting. Glad it works! I'm out of the baby stage but I'll share it with my sister should she ever ask about diaper rash....she may since it's getting hot out and it will be my niece's first summer!
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