Forty Percent of U.S. Babies Lack Parental Bonding

WHAT!?!?! Parenting Magazine just feature this article stating that 4 out of every 10 kids will not form a strong enough bond with their caregivers. This leads to educational and behavioral problems later in life. The study was done using over 100 different published studies and following over 14,000 children born after 2001. They found that 40 percent of infants in the United States "live in fear or distrust of their parents." How sad is that?

25% of the babies didn't bond because the parent's weren't responding to their basic needs and the other 15% actually avoided interaction with their parents because it stressed them out so much! The authors said that generally poverty and stress caused the parents to be overwhelmed with their own lives, which negatively affected their kids. Kids that didn't bond were more likely to fail school readiness markers and end up doing criminal activities.

I can't believe that 40% of American parents are this terrible. I mean, really? have we let our family values slip this far? I feel like it's our responsibility as a society to support families because without good families our society will fail...

    This is why we practice attachment and peaceful parenting techniques. We want to be sure that our baby and children feel like their needs are met by us at all times.
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