How likely will i be able to carry any pregnancy to Full Term?

​My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant but when we first tried I got pregnant but I lost the baby after 8 weeks. And before I got married I got pregnant in 2011 but lost the baby after 9 weeks

    8Theresa Gould
    Has your doctor checked your progesterone levels or done any other tests?

    I started taking a liquid form of progesterone after my third loss. It was a suggestion from a friend though. Her husband worked for a chiropractor and she took it after her loss.

    I've had six losses and eight children. I'd say you probably shouldn't give up hope yet. Talk to your doctor.
      Amanda Hurley
      My sister had 4 miscarriages before she had her son. It is possible to carry to full term. Talk to your doctor.
        You can definitely still carry to term. Like Theresa said, have your doc check your levels. I was also warned about specific antibodies that can affect pregnancy/miscarriage by my doctor because he has suspicions that I have lupus. Repeated miscarriages, in my case at least, can be associated with these levels. That is probably not the case, but know it may be a test you can ask for if you have any other concerns with a possibility of an autoimmune disorder of any kind.

        My guess is though, you just had some bad luck and baby will be fine. Stay strong and optimistic! :)
          Amanda gibson
          I can tell you that miracles can happen. I have had 1 full term i stillborn and 3 miscarriages and it is possible....Always have faith I am currently 27 weeks on tuesday so anything is possible with the love and support from GOD first and family and friends!
            YES YES YES YES YES! I had two losses at 6 and 8 weeks in only 4 months. I pushed for more tests even though I was consistently told that these things just happen. I wasn't going to roll over and just keep trying without answers. I made them check my thyroid, look for antibodies, check my heart and circulation. Everything came back normal and I thought I was out if options. My doctor told me to chart my basal body temperature for a month or two to see if there was anything strange. Sure enough my charts hinted towards an issue with progesterone, which is necessary for a fetus to develop in the first 10-12 weeks. It wasn't for sure but my doctor agreed to give me suppliment a during my first trimester if I got pregnant again. I got pregnant right away and started the treatment. My daughter is a beautiful 6 month old today.

            Do your research an advocate for yourself to get the testing you need. If I hadn't I could still be struggling with infertility. Feel free to message me if you'd like more information about what I was tested for and why. I'll be praying for your healthy future baby!
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