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Honestly, sales is tough. It sounds easy at first, just sell people stuff. But if you're in a legitimate sales position like I am, you have to be able to convince a person to buy something. To spend money on something they probably don't need lol. I get base pay plus commission. So my income is not based solely on my sales commission which is great because I'd be poor if it did haha! I sell luggage. Before I started here, I didn't know a THING about luggage. But after the owners teaching me and simply doing the research on my own, I learned enough to be confident in selling it to customers. So my real answer would be this: if you are going into sales, sell a product you are interested in or would like to learn about and feel comfortable selling. Don't just take any sales job because if the customer doesn't feel you very pumped about the product, they won't be either and they will more than likely pass. If you are good with/know a lot about makeup, sell beauty products. If you are good with/know a lot about compute products, sell those. Just make sure it's something you are willing to learn as much as possible about and sell, sell, sell!

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    Good tips. Sales is hard. I'm not a sales person, but my oldest daughter has been since she was 8 and selling books when we had a book business. She knows exactly what she's doing. I was surprised recently when she explained exactly what she does and we haven't sold books in like 4-5 years! But she remembers. I told her it would be good experience if she did a direct sales type job, just to have it under her belt, not to do forever, if that's not what she wants to do. She's been looking for part-time work so that's why I encouraged her in that I'm rambling!
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