Tubal Pregnancy

Have any of you ever experienced this? What did it feel like, where was the pain, ​when did it start?

I had a miscarriage last month naturally (though baby had been lost earlier, the actual passage was last month) and the last pregnancy test I took came back with the faintest, almost imperceptable blue line that I still have not decided if it was real or an evap line ( doctor told me that my hcg levels should be 0 at this point, but I guess it could always be leftovers)

I ask because I have a nagging pain on the lower left side of my abdomen that hurts especially bad when I pee, move too much or swiftly, or press on it.

The internet seems to be giving all sorts of conflicting answers to what it might be, but I guess after last month I have some reproductive anxiety.

I'm hoping it's intestinal, or a kidney infection, or something... but do you guys think there's any chance it's ectopic/tubal pregnancy? Would that even hurt so early?

Thanks ahead of time for any info!

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    My sister had a tubal pregnancy and they found it because she went pee and when she stood up she passed out obviously her boyfriend then demanded she went to the er where they found it. I'd defiantly get it checked out.
    My last test was definitely negative, but I know the hormones increase slower with tubals. Do you think it is safe to wait a bit? Couldn't be more than a few weeks along even if it turned out I am pregnant. Idk where the 'safe zone' is time wise.
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