Has anyone seen this yet?

I just saw this on the news by me and it is stupid in my mind. The child did some thing wrong, like some children, but how could you do that to a child. Have some common sense idiot. Sorry ladies this just bugs the crap out of me. It's not one of the news stations by me that I watch. I just cant stand some dad's this day and age. Yea don't get me wrong, there are some father's around that will stick around, but this dad is a major idiot.

Rant over on this subject.


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      That guy is an A$$!!!
        Melissa Middleton
        He makes sick! She could have been seriously injured. That is a poor choice and dangerous way to teach a child "a lesson." I fear what would have happened if that woman was not in the pool to get the little girl. I hope he never sees his children or the light of day. I despise child abusers.
          8Theresa Gould
          Ok, I've heard of people throwing people into the water to teach them to swim (my mother's generation) but this takes the cake. It was a toddler, who doesn't know any better....shaking my head here.
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