Hard mums and moms, why have you chosen to be strict

I was a pretty good kid, I was mouthy as a teen, but tried hard to make up for that with my mom since I didn't dare mouth off to my dad. In light of that, they didn't put too many boundaries on me and guess what? I craved it. They knew they could trust me but I wanted more from them, if that makes sense. I also saw how they spoiled my youngest sister, who also craved discipline and structure (as a babysitter and mom she is more like me in her style of parenting). A family I babysat for, and I babysat for a lot of families, had the best behaved children out of all the ones I babysat and they had structure, routine, discipline. So for all those reasons, I have chosen to be a strict mom, though I have mellowed since having my first child 17 years ago. ;)

What about you, moms?

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    My parents were strict. Then when we were teens we were given pretty much total freedom with only one rule...mess up once and you have no more freedom. It worked for all three of my parents kids. None of us have never been in trouble, have always worked hard, been in ministry in some form or another. My sister and her husband are pastors, my brother is a youth pastor and I was a youth pastor and childrens pastor for 20 years. I seen from a young age how my parents being strict and then trusting us and the way they raised us made us strong and independent people and I plan on being the same way with my son. I greatly appreciate the way I was raised and hopefully he will as well :-)
    8Theresa Gould
    The kids I babysat are all well adjusted adults and in the ministry. Here's to hoping mine will turn out ok.
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