Children listening to adult conversations

I was raised very old school when it came to this topic. If adults were sitting around, drinking coffee and visiting children did NOT hang around and listen in on the conversation. Kids were welcome to stop, say hello and ask for something if they needed it. But if we plopped down to listen the adults would give us "the look" and we knew to go find something to do.

It seems this is very uncommon nowadays, which I'm not really for or against it. This is how I have raised my kids too, but I am a tad bit more relaxed than the way I was raised. Still, it's good manners in my mind that children don't stay and eves drop on adult conversations.

Were you raised this way? Will you raise your children this way? How do you feel about this topic: are children always welcome or do they need to allow the adults to socialize?

    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, I was raised this way and I think for the most part we allow our children to sit and talk with us. When my parents and their friends talked it was not always "child friendly". Our conversations with adults are a learning experience for our children. We talk about business, farming, etc.

    We do prefer our children to let us answer the phone and have phone conversations in peace because we get a lot of farm business calls. We also do not like them to interrupt adults when they are talking.
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