How to make new friends as a mom

I use to try to go and make friends with people I thought would be good friends but I've learned the hard way that some people are not meant to be my friend. The best friendships forged are the ones that happened organically with no expectations, usually because of a common interest (homeschooling, lots of children or farming kind of thing), but not always. The best way to make friends is showing yourself friendly. Nothing forced but being open to a new friendship.

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    Melissa Middleton
    Same here.
      4Ariel LaCoste
      I can totally relate! It's a shame when you try so hard to form a friendship just to see their true colors. One of my best friends in our new place was of "organic origin" :-) We met because we both homeschool, have 4 kids all almost the same age, are naturalists and share tons of common interests. Plus our hubbies get along really well!!!
        I am hoping when my little one starts school that I can find some friends.
          Its hard. I literally have one REAL friend. Its hard to find people who will be a true friend and be there for you when you need them when you have children. My best friend of 20 years just stopped talking to me once I had kids (she does not have any of her own). I have three children and she has only seen my oldest twice since she was born. She hasn't seen my younger two at all. It was the worst feeling knowing that after all that time I meant that little to her that she could just cut me out of her life just because I couldn't go to the bar and whatnot whenever on the drop of a dime. Since then I really have only connected with one other mom outside of the moms that are in my family. I am lucky that our family has always been close so my cousins who have children became more of my friends now and not just family. I tried to reconnect with old friends that now have children but like you said you don't want to feel like you are forcing yourself on them to be friends. It just so happens that the one good friend I have I just happened to move across the street from last year when we bought our first house. We bonded over the fact that we both have small children and her friends like mine abandoned her as well once she had children for the same reason. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better person to come across we have so much fun hanging out as moms and not having to dump our kids off somewhere just to have a good time. And our children love when we all get together. Its a win win if you ask me.
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