Did you have another mother? Mom Appreciation

I had a great mom, one not without faults, but I loved her in spite of them, as she did me in mine. But I also had other women in my life where were like second mothers. They would have done anything for me and treated me as their own. One was my best friend's (in high school) mom, she taught me a lot and the other was a life long friend of my mother's, whom we camped with, saw almost every week or weekend. Then there was my pastor's wife who was like my spiritual mom since my parents really didn't teach us much spiritually but sent us to Sunday School and church with our neighbors.

This article is about a woman who was adopted and had her birth mom, her adoptive mother and another woman in her life called her "allomother". She shares their different roles in her life and how much she appreciated each one.

Do you have another mother or do you?


8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
I'd have to say my grandma too but once I had children.
    Oh gosh.. I love this.. it's so heart warming.. how women can swoop in and change another gal's life, isn't it? We are all Mother's in some capacity :) I had my own Mom.. amazing is an understatement.. and I also had my best friend's Mom.. saw her all the time, did everything with them too! On top of that.. I have so many amazing Aunts.. that I could call for anything at all :)
      I have a wonderful real mom but when I left home she wasn't to happy about it. Shortly after leaving home my parents divorced so I didn't really want to be to close to my mom or dad . Because then you end up in the middle of them. So my best friend at church Yetiva became my spiritual mom. She would give me a lot of advice about life and how to deal with being married.She was always there for me if I needed to talk or cry or hide out at her house because I didn't want to go home. lol We would spend almost every day together. She moved a way to Idaho about a year a go. But I always call her when I really need her advice.
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