I am trying to remove the post pregnancy belly. I did a work out video and I hated doing the jump rope and jumping jacks as I could feel my belly go up and down.

    It really sucks when things seem like they're not going your way. I've been struggling with that also. I lost my baby weight right away with my first two and this time its just being stubborn. At the moment I'm just trying to learn to love myself the way I am for now until I can find something that works for me. I feel like if you let yourself feel self conscious and feel like you can't love yourself no matter how you look its hard to fully be confident as a mom. In my case I feel like that anyway. And its a frustrating and viscous cycle. I would suggest just having as much fun with your family as you can and not think about it. Stress is a big factor in preventing weight loss. But don't completely give up. It will happen it just takes time. :/
      I really watch what I eat and have a water bottle in my hands at all times. I lost 40 lbs and I am 10 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight it's just that the weight is being carried at different spots. I've done yoga and I walk between 2-3 miles a day. My last 10 lbs came off so fast without even trying that this is driving me crazy. Thanks for the support.
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