my head is swirling with all kids of things. MS meds, stop or not stop breastfeeding, birth control or wait 3 months, applying for disability....ahhhhhh i need a spa day

i was diagnosed with MS 4 years years ago when i lost my vision. and i didn't want to be on meds cause i thought i could handle things but in april of this year i had a relapse and had really bad issues and had to be put on steroids for 4 days. so i had to stop breastfeeding for 5 days and Elryc did not like that i had to fight him to take a bottle and when i was low on breastmilk i had to fight him to take formula. me and him were happy i could breastfeed him again. so i am going to be put on meds to help lessen my relapse its called copaxone and i have asked other mothers about it and they did just fine but my doctor say he doesn't think i should breastfeed. lactation nurse says that it would be able to get through the milk and a le leche leader says that my body will filter it out of the milk. so with all the research and asking i have done i wanna go with my gut and breastfeed him while one it. its just so much info and i'm scared and i feel so overwhelmed. and i don't want to be on birth control cause the last time i was on it i had panic attacks, depression, and suicidal thoughts so i don't know what to do about that. i just pray that whatever happen i am doing the right things
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      what is MS?
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      Married for 2 1/2 year and we had our first child this year. I have MS but not on medication yet cause I am breastfeeding and we want at least 1 more child. I am a stay at home mom for now don't know when I will be going back to work.