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​Ok so my girls sleep in the same room and when I have my 5 year old nephew on the weekends he sleeps on a mattress on their floor. I love baby gates, I use the ones that's like a door but the kids cant get it open ( most adults cant). My kids don't have a problem with them because they are use to them but my nephew had a serious problem with them when he started staying every weekend. He's gotten use to it( he better because it not going anywhere). But I woke up this morning to him going up the stairs cuz he'd climbed over it, which is so dangerous. My question is what does everyone think about baby gates and at what age should you take them down?

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    I like baby gates because they create a visual barrier. Sami started being able to climb over the gate in the back of the hallway at about 3 1/2 years old but she hasn't climbed over the one to the kitchen. The one to the kitchen is open a lot of the time though. Ali is starting to get mobile so the kitchen gate will start being closed more again. Once Sami started being able to climb over the gate in the hallway we had to start teaching her that she wasn't allowed to cross the gate unless she was going to use the restroom or if she needed us during the night. The area behind the gate is not a child area or a play area. She has gotten better about not playing in the restroom or our room. That is all that is on the other side of the gate. It took a lot of talking and a lot of disciplining but she is finally getting it that she is supposed to stay in the area between the gates (her room and the living room).
      Yeah. I don't have steps here but Sami has been good with walking up and down steps since before she could really climb over the gate. If I had steps I think I would either take the one at the top of the steps down and leave the one at the bottom depending on how your house is arranged and teach him that he is not to be climbing over the gates at the steps. Sami climbs the gate in the back hall way but she knows she is not supposed to climb the one to the kitchen.
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