Unique Pregnancy Announcement!

Mamas.. if you had the chance to have a celeb help you announce your pregnancy, would you take it? This girl did.. it's cute.. but probably not for me. In fact, to think she thought of asking him to do it kind of is funny to me.. that wouldn't really be on my mind to share with them.. but to each their own!

Do you think this is cute? Weird? Funny? Not for you?


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      I didn't even tell anyone when I got married let alone when we were expecting. Lol we waited a while to tell...I can't imagine using a celebrity to tell people, although it might have helped when we told his family! Lol
        Well since my husband is a big fan of Arnold schwartsaniggar i would have him announce who is your daddy and what doea he do and have him point to my belly.
          Danielle Keltner
          So odd, I always wanted my husband to take photos with me though we never got around to it. LOL We just posted the ultrasound photos.
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