Do you use baby powder on an infant?

If we have to, then yes! If we change Lucas's diaper and we notice redness, that's when we use the powder. He's so chunky and has many folds down in the diaper area and if they don't get enough air flow or are in his wet diaper for too long, the poor man gets super red and irritated. So, we take some baby powder after he's all cleaned up, and spread it around in the fold that needs it lol. One time makes it significantly better and two times he's healed! We actually had to do this last night for him! :)

Do you use baby powder? What for? :)

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        I used powder on my daughter, Kendi, when she was a baby whenever she got a rash. She is now 16 and in the past few years, I've found out a few negative things about one of the ingredients of popular baby powders - talcum (talc)

        The American Cancer Society website states that there are mixed results for studies linking talc powders to ovarian and other cancers. These days, there are powders made without talc so that's what I use when I feel the need.
          i do when my son gets a bad rash after dirty diapers when he gets so many he gets red n blisters so i use baby powder to help the soreness
            i use butt paste sometimes lol the name gets me every time but its great for any age (baby)
              Dulcinea Hubbard
              I don't use baby powder, when my baby has a rash I use Cornstarch it work fine for me
                Melissa Middleton
                I used it a few times after he was born and then stopped. He seems to break out from a lot of stuff. We have not found a powder where he won't. I have not had a need for it, really.
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